Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the benefit of solid wood furniture?
A:  Solid wood furniture is often the preferred choice of fine furniture collectors due to its beauty, strength, ease of repair, and longevity. It is made from solid boards of the same species placed side-by-side and glued to create a table top, dresser top, side panels, etc. We believe the beauty, integrity and durability of solid wood furniture are the greatest benefits.

Q:  What is veneer?  Does Cresent Use Veneers?
A:  Simply put, veneer is a thin slice of wood. Good veneers are approximately the thickness of a credit card. Some veneers can be as thin as a sheet of tablet paper. There are times when veneer construction is preferable to solid wood construction because of its versatility and resistance to expansion and contraction.  We utilize hardwood veneers only when we determine the quality of the furniture will be improved.  An example of this is found in Inset Panels on beds and cases.  Solid wood is subject to significant expansion and contraction resulting from moisture changes throughout a calendar year.  Veneered panels are much more stable and provide superior longevity and fewer service issues than solid equivalents.  For these reasons, we use veneered panels and bed rails to improve the quality of Cresent furniture. 

Q:  What is 'wood movement' and how will it affect my furniture?
A:  Solid wood expands and contracts because it is a cellular material which reacts to changes in humidity. Wood takes in moisture during the humid summer months and releases moisture in the dry winter months. It is impossible to completely prevent wood movement in solid wood furniture. We engineer our designs to allow for this natural phenomenon (click here to lean more about floating construction). Minor wood movement does not affect the structural integrity of the furniture, and is not considered a defect.  In order to minimize this movement, you can maintain your home between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of approximately 40%.

Q:  How should I care for my Cresent wood furniture?
A:  In general, caring for your Cresent furniture is as easy as light dusting and occasionally wiping with a slightly dampened soft cloth, and protecting it from damaging extremes in temperature. Please refer to our Furniture Care page for more advise on caring for your Cresent furnituree

Q: Why does the color on my computer monitor look so different than that of the actual furniture in the store?
A: Please note that the color that appears on your screen may vary from the actual color finish or fabric of an item. Care has been taken to represent all items accurately but because electronic devices do not render every color in exactly the same way, variances in color may occur. To most accurately view the color or texture of an item, please go to your nearest dealer and view the products personally.
Q: Can I order a catalog?
A: Yes, but first please check out our Catalog page. As a part of our ongoing enviornmental efforts, we suggest you download a catalog to your computer. The catalog is then always available for easy and quick access.  A Cresent catalog containing color pictures of all our Collections, descriptions of the collections and line drawings with dimensions can be ordered for $20.00. Click here for ordering information.

Q: Does Cresent offer price quotations online?
A: No. Please use our Dealer Locator to find a retailer near you to get a price quotation on any Cresent piece.
Q: Does Cresent sell direct to consumers?
A: No. Cresent furniture is distributed selectively in the U.S. and Canada through quality-conscious home furnishings dealers. Each accredited dealer selects from our assortment the collections that best suit their particular style preferences. For this reason, not all collections are available from every dealer. Dealers may also choose not to carry specific items within a particular collection. We encourage consumers to shop for our furniture at an accredited dealer. The color and appearance of our furniture can be best observed in person. If you are attempting to match a new piece with an existing piece of furniture, we suggest that you bring in a drawer or table leaf to compare finish tone and wood grain.
Q: Whom should I contact if I need service after purchasing Cresent furniture?
A: Consumers who need after-sale service should contact the dealer from whom they bought the furniture. Our dealers are well qualified to handle repairs and other service issues after the sale. As noted above, this is one of the main reasons that Cresent recommends that you purchase your Cresent furniture from your local dealer. Cresent makes every effort to hold the highest possible standards for quality in our furniture-all parts and finished products are inspected numerous times before leaving our facilities. Occasionally however, imperfect products do reach the marketplace despite our best efforts. In the event that this occurs, consumers should contact the dealer from which they purchased their furniture. We work with our dealers to resolve these issues as they occur. 
Q: How do I remove the drawers from my furniture?
A: Click on the link for a short video on how to remove and insert the drawers in our various collections.

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