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Following on the overwhelming success of our Art-Deco inspired Moderne Collection-which won a Pinnacle Award for outstanding furniture design in 2004-Cresent introduced Moderne Loft in 2010, featuring clean, contemporary styling and more space-conscious silhouettes.
Constructed of solid Plantation Mahogany and sharing a rich hand-rubbed finish and nickel knobs with Moderne, Moderne Loft adds several contemporary design cues and modern conveniences including:

  • Flush-mounted tops and gently rounded corners for a clean silhouette,
  • Nickel Metal Inlay between tops and case bodies as well as wrapping the bases of cases and beds,
  • Power Strips in the Nightstand and Media Deck, and best of all
  • The same Blum whisper-close drawer slides as our best-selling Cresent Classics collections
    (video here).

With two beds to choose from—a Panel Bed with linear styling and airy horizontal slats to lighten the look, as well as a sheltering Wrap Bed (both of which feature a wrapped footboard with metal inlay detailing), Moderne Loft is perfect for a calming, soft contemporary bedroom retreat.

The mahogany used in Moderne and Modern Loft is Swietenia Macrophylla, also known as "big-leaf" mahogany.  It is what has been referred to as "Genuine" mahogany since “Honduras"   mahogany (Swietenia Mahogani) was effectively logged out of commercial existence prior to 1900.  Big Leaf Mahogany is native to South America.  However, it was transplanted to Asia where it thrives in carefully managed plantations. Asian plantation mahogany is now the primary commercial source of genuine mahogany--Swietenia Macrophylla--in the world.  African mahogany is an entirely different species--Khaya Ivorensis--and is not in current Cresent product, although we did use it in the 70s-80s and you can find some of that product on Ebay and CraigsList. We do not use "Phillippine" mahogany--Meranti--in any current production.                         

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Moderne LOFT Furniture Care.
Our Moderne Loft collection has a unique finish that from time to time shows surface scratches on case tops, most noticeably on tops that are used frequently, such as nightstands and dressers. These scratches are only cosmetic and do not harm the overall finish or the underlying solid mahogany wood.
Surface scratches occur when items or objects with sharp edges such as jewelry, a lamp or a metal accessory make contact with the case top. These surface scratches affect the protective lacquer top-coating rather than the wood surface. Surface scratches are easily removed by using a fine grade steel wool (we recommend 0000) rubbed firmly along the grain. 
A simple, easy-to-follow video demonstration is available here
You can purchase fine grade steel wool at most paint stores and home improvement centers. 
If you do not feel comfortable following these procedures on your own, we can recommend a professional Furniture-Medic in your area to assist you.

Click on thumbnails for larger image
7833 Wrap Bed, 7801 Dresser
7802 Mirror, 7812 Nightstand
7831 Panel Bed, 7801 Dresser
7802 Mirror, 7812 Nightstand
7831 Panel Bed, 7812 Nightstand 7833 Wrap Bed, 7812 Nightstand

7831 Panel Bed
Available in Full, Queen, King, Cal King
HB 58"H FB 15"H

7833 Wrap Bed
Available in Full, Queen, King, Cal King
HB 50"H FB 15"H


7801 Dresser       7802 Mirror
62"W 19"D 34"H       44" X 34"
7816 Media Deck fits 7801 Dresser


7803 Single Dresser   7816 Media Deck
46"W 19"D 34"H    42.75"W 15.75"D 6"H

7812 Nightstand
28"W 18"D 26"H
 Jewelry Tray Detail  Corner Detail
 Power Strip on back of
7812 Nightstand
 Footboard Detail

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My new bedroom is simply elegant and beautiful. I have had many compliments on the style and the silver accents. It is very well made and the drawers are very sturdy and hold a large amount of clothes.

My only complaint is that youhave to be very careful of the top as it scratches easy. I make myself put all my jewelry up first. But I would buy this bedroom again.
12/13/2011 2:17:49 PM
this is another collection
11/15/2013 12:40:51 PM

Robert Penino
I love the finish and the scaling on the Loft collection. It fits well in my small apartment in the city and the price was so much better than anything in NYC. The whisper-close drawers are the best feature! I highly recommend Loft.
12/16/2011 2:59:44 PM

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