We’ve added a Reviews feature to our website to enable consumers to give us feedback on our furniture. We are encouraging customers that own our furniture to rate what they use on daily basis. This information will help us in several ways.   First, we want to know how the product stacks up to your expectations. Much of the information we receive on our furniture happens in a backhanded way and may never be used to pro-actively improve the product.
Secondly, we can listen to what consumers are looking for, from a lifestyle design to a specific item, that we may not offer but is on their shopping list.
Thirdly, word-of-mouth and reviews/recommendations are the most effective form of advertising. This forum will help those consumers in the market learn from consumers that have already voted with their wallets.
We’ve added a Rating Console to the bottom of each collection page. If you are an owner of our furniture, or know someone who is, we encourage you to take 60 seconds to grade us.  Please click on the links below to go to the Collections page and scroll to the bottom.  Everyone likes to know where we stand, and the family owners of Cresent are keen to hear what you have to say. So give us your best shot!
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