Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Cresent solid wood furniture?

We at Cresent think that solid wood furniture is the preferred choice due to its beauty, strength, ease of repair, and longevity.  Solid wood furniture is made from solid boards placed side-by-side and glued to create a panel.  By doing this we create a part that is actually stronger than the individual boards, and one that highlights the beauty and variation of the natural wood grain.  We believe the beauty, integrity and durability of solid wood furniture are the greatest benefits.

Does Cresent use wood veneer?

With correct engineering--using floating construction techniques, for instance--Cresent is able to use solid wood for almost all parts of our furniture.  However, there are situations when veneer construction is preferable to solid wood because unlike edge-glued solid panels, face-glued plywood veneer panels are extremely resistant to expansion and contraction.  The primary location where Cresent uses veneers is in "inset panels" where the panel is trapped in a frame (such as door panels and bed panels), because ply panels are more stable and provide superior longevity and fewer service issues than their edge-glued equivalents.  Another example is in bed side rails, where the ply construction is actually significantly stronger than a edge-glued solid rail.   We only use these ply panels and veneers where the strength and longevity of the product will be improved by their use.

Why is "floating construction" important with solid wood?

Solid wood expands and contracts because it is a cellular material which reacts to changes in humidity--it takes in moisture during the humid summer months and releases moisture in the dry winter months. Because It is impossible to completely prevent this expansion and contraction in solid wood furniture, we engineer our designs to allow for this natural phenomenon. This construction method is called "floating construction"--the main goals of which are to allow the wood to move without binding and to direct that movement to the rear of the item or some other unseen area.  Minor wood movement does not affect the structural integrity of the furniture, and is not considered a defect. In order to minimize this movement, you can maintain your home between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of approximately 40%.

Will the color of my furniture match the color on the website?

Although we take great care to ensure that the finish on all items in a collection match, there are individual variations in the wood panels that we use that cause some color variation in the finished product.  These variations are to be expected and are part of the beauty of solid wood furniture.

Please note that the color that appears on your screen may vary from the actual finish or fabric color of an item. We work with our photographers to color-correct and represent all items accurately but because electronic devices do not render every color in exactly the same way, variances may occur. To most accurately view the color or texture of an item, please go to your nearest dealer and view the products personally.

Can I order a catalog?

As part of our continuing efforts at improving sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, we no longer print and sell catalogs.  However, after viewing all of Cresent's offerings on the website, you can dowload a PDF tear sheet with photos, dimensions, and other information for each Collection. Just go to Collections, select the collection that you are interested in, and click the Download Tear Sheet button.

Are Cresent's products compliant with environmental, health and safety regulations?

We at Cresent take great care to ensure compliance with safety, health, and environmental regulations.  

All Cresent products are complaint with the California Air Resources Board limits on formaldehyde emissions. We test our coatings to ensure that they are compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Commission's limits on lead content. We do not use flame-retardant chemicals in our upholstered products.

We test our products to ensure that they meet the ASTM standards for tippability.  We STRONGLY encourage consumers to use the tip-restraint devices provided with your furniture to ensure that it is safely anchored to the wall. If you need a tip-restraint kit, please send us an email or call 1.615.452.1671 and we will gladly send you one free of charge.

Along with the majority of the wood furniture industry, we use nitrocellulose sealers and lacquers on our products for a durable finish. These products contain alcohol, acetone, and other hydrocarbon-based solvents which evaporate during the finishing process. The products are cured before shipping, so they will arrive at your home with a hard, durable finish.  There may be a slight residual smell when you open the items for the first time--this will dissapate quickly, and can be expedited by leaving the drawers or doors open for a short time. 

Does Cresent sell direct to consumers?

No. Cresent furniture is distributed selectively in the U.S. and Canada through quality-conscious home furnishings dealers. Each accredited dealer selects from our assortment the collections that best suit their particular style preferences. For this reason, not all collections are available from every dealer. Dealers may also choose not to carry specific items within a particular collection. We encourage consumers to shop for our furniture at an accredited dealer--please use our Dealer Locator to find a retailer near you.

Whom should I contact if I need service after purchasing Cresent furniture?

Consumers who need after-sale service should contact the dealer from whom they bought the furniture. Our dealers are well qualified to handle repairs and other service issues after the sale.  

Cresent makes every effort to hold the highest possible standards for quality in our furniture.  Every piece of furniture we ship is inspected numerous times and ultimately signed off on by Cresent quality control personnel before leaving our facilities. Occasionally however, imperfect products do reach the marketplace despite our best efforts. In the event that this occurs, consumers should contact the dealer from which they purchased their furniture--we work with our dealers to resolve these issues as they occur.

How do I remove the drawers from my furniture?

Click here for a short video on how to remove and insert the drawers in our various collections.