Sustainable Industry Practices

Cresent is a family business--we are parents, and we are therefore very aware of the threats to the global environment that exist, and especially how those threats are impacted by the furniture industry.  Just like you, we want to leave a better world for our children than the one that we inherited.

SFC Founding Member

Cresent is a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, a non-profit industry association that works to promote and improve sustainable practices among furniture manufacturers and retailers.   While we firmly believe that responsibly-harvested solid wood is a renewable and environmentally sensible choice for furniture--especially when it is used in high-quality furniture like ours that has an extremely long product life-cycle--we recognize that illegal logging is a global problem.  In order to combat illegal logging, we use primarily American hardwoods such as Maple, Cherry, Oak, and Poplar. These species are harvested and milled in North America, subject to the strict environmental oversight of the US and Canada.  In addition, the jobs provided by these activities support rural economies throughout North America.

When we do specify non-US woods, such as the Acacia used in our Waverly and Corliss Landing collections, or the Rubberwood we use for our drawer boxes and interior construction, we use only woods that are not primary rainforest depleting.   Acacia is an extremely fast-growing and hardy tree that is abundant across most of the sub-tropical and tropical areas of the Earth.  Our Rubberwood is plantation-grown--it is actually a by-product of the latex industry, and by using it in furniture we ensure that it is not burned in the fields when the latex-producing life of the rubber tree is over.

In addition to the above, we are proud to be compliant with the California Air Resources Board restrictions on formaldehyde emissions for ALL of our products--not just what we sell in California.  We also specify fabrics and foam with no flame retardant chemicals for all of our chair seats and upholstered headboards. We ensure that all of our coatings are tested and in compliance with the Federal Limits on Lead Content.  And we are continually striving to bring more sustainable practices into our organization, whether it is through the use of FSC-certified paper and cardstock for our promotional materials, or creating a recycling programs for our cartons and protective packaging.