Care and Cleaning

Caring for your Cresent furniture is as easy as light dusting and occasionally wiping with a slightly dampened soft cloth, and protecting it from damaging extremes in temperature and humidity.  You can also use a glass cleaner with ammonia--the ammonia will not react with the finish, and does a very good job cleaning off grease, wax, and oils that accumulate on case and table tops.

Please take care to avoid contact with anything that contains silicone--silicone reacts negatively with almost all furniture lacquers.  Inspect the bottoms of lamps, appliances, or any other item that you place on your furniture and ensure that there are felt pads betweent the item and your furniture--not rubber or plastic which will likely contain silicone.  Of course, using felt pads on items that you place on furniture will also minimize scratches or other damage.

Use care with fingernail polish remover or any acetone-based product--it will also react with the lacquers on furniture.

Be aware that some species of wood change color over time, and that this effect is heightened by exposure to bright sunlight.  Some woods, like Cherry, will grow darker over time, while Acacia will actually grow lighter. Avoid placing furniture in direct bright sunlight if this concerns you.

Finally, you may use a high-quality paste wax a few times a year on your furniture if you choose.  It is not necessary--Cresent's furniture is already sealed with several coats of durable lacquer.   But you can use a high-quality wax, understanding that it will likely change the gloss of the item to which it is applied.  We do not recommend the use of any spray waxes or cleaners, with the exception of the ammonia-based window cleaner.