Brenda Reed Retiring from Cresent after 43 years

December 20, 2016

Brenda Reed began her career with Cresent in 1973, on the Monday following her high school graduation. Brenda says that her dad thought she would only last 2 months- clearly, Dad did not know best on this one. She has worked for all three generations of owners during the last 43 years, and worn many hats during that time, most recently serving as HR Manager and Sales Support. No matter the title, it is well-known that Brenda is the keeper of all important records and walking historian of Cresent Fine Furniture. If you can't find something or want to know what year a particular collection was produced, ask Brenda- she will get her hands on that information in 10 seconds flat. She has won over many customers and industry partners through the years with her warmth, helpfulness, superior competence, and wealth of knowledge.

In addition to her career at Cresent, Brenda is also a past President of the International Association of Rebekah Assemblies, having been an active member of that organization since 1996. She sings in the choir at her church, has raised a fine son and is the proud grandmother of three. In sincere gratitude for the loyalty, dedication and integrity that she has shown for the last 43 years, we would like to appreciate and recognize Brenda Reed. We wish her a wonderful retirement, she will be missed.