Feeling Crafty?

February 24, 2016

The Arts & Crafts Movement of the early 20th century produced some of the most enduring designs across architecture, furniture, and the decorative arts.  The Craftsman-style or American Craftsman era relates to the period 1910-1925 which followed the Art Nouveau and preceded the Art Deco movements. Notable architects include Frank Lloyd Wright and his Prairie School as well as Greene & Greene's bungalow designs. Female entrepreneurship flourished during the Craftsman movement as women played a prominent role as artisans, designers and they built businesses to produce furniture and home accents.

The hallmarks of Craftsman-style are sturdy construction, high quality materials and beautiful finishes. We sought to embody each of these key elements in the development of our Camden collection.  

Camden pairs timeless design with rustic, solid wood detailing all constructed of solid Oak with hand-laid uneven planking and through-tenon joinery detailing.  The graceful details of the tapered posts, bottom stretchers and clean lines remain true to classic Craftsman designs.

Learn more about Camden in the short video below.