A Furniture Oasis in Washington DC

July 3, 2015

In addition to hosting our three branches of government and an army of foreign diplomatsWashington DC is also home to many Fortune 1000 companies. The DC suburbs of Northern VA and Maryland are teeming with office parks and towers for industries spanning defense, information technology, consulting, publishing, real estate and the trade associations of practically every profession.   These businesses employ lots of people – 3.1 million in the DC Metro. All these people have homes that need furniture. The stellar design blog DC by Design run by Jennifer Sergent is a great source of information for all things home related. The best place we’ve found to buy furniture in the DC Metro is Belfort Furniture. Their 100,000+ s.f. campus in the Dulles suburbs has something for every taste and budget . And in a unique nod to their industry’s sustainability, for every furniture delivery made, Belfort plants a tree. If you live in the DC area, Belfort is a must visit.