Furniture for the Desert Home

July 31, 2015

The Las Vegas Valley is home to more than 2.1 million people and over 1.2 million homes, apartments and condos.   While the Las Vegas Strip gets most of the publicity, Clark County is a very popular place for second homes. The thriving suburbs of Summerlin and Henderson are packed with manicured planned communities and lots of gorgeous homes.

Las Vegas style is known for its extravagance, and to outsiders may seem over the top, flashy and at times even borderline ridiculous.  Interiors in Vegas homes are sophisticated, large, and contemporary.  The lifestyle is glamorous but easy-going and design is focused on entertaining.  Summers are very hot in Vegas (today should hit 105), so interiors and exteriors are warm earth tones.  Exteriors are Mediterranean inspired, typically stone and stucco, rather than brick or siding as found in the midwest and southeast. Tile roofs dominate the landscape.

Exteriors are an extension of the interior space and focus largely around pools, lanai’s and beautiful outdoor entertaining spaces.  The design goal is to take advantage of the breathtaking landscapes of the high desert and be in synch with the beauty of nature.

Interior finishes are focused on cooling and so flooring in Las Vegas is predominately tile.

In bedrooms we often see tight weave carpet or large area rugs in neutral tones.  Cabinet finishes are often light fruitwood, maple, or alder, and glazed for a more refined look.

Furnishings used in most sophisticated Las Vegas homes are more transitionally styled and feature natural designs in cooling finishes.  Acacia is a very popular wood species today and especially when the design is wire-brushed adding both texture and depth. The best looks are minimalist and even industrial, with clean lines and louvers in concrete grey and driftwood finishes.

Of course the best way to experience the Las Vegas style is to get off the Strip and book through AirBnb or HomeAway for your next trip to SinCity. You certainly won’t miss the traffic and you can live like a local.