Washington D.C. Museum Update – Summer 2015

July 29, 2015

A typical touristy thing to do in Washington D.C. is go to a museum, and last week we did just that. Our top three included stops at the following museums. First up, the Holocaust Museum. Our favorite part of this museum was Daniel’s Story and the hand painted tiles made by school children telling their story. The exhibit is a collaboration of artwork from thousands of young students throughout the U.S. creating a wall of remembrance for the 1.5 million children killed during the Holocaust. Next up was the Newseum. The best exhibit here was the Pulitzer Prize winning picture gallery. It included high quality large format pictures of events captured by the world’s best photo journalists. The last museum we went to was Air and Space. We liked the fantastic models of spaceships and planes, Moving Beyond Earth, and the Space Race. We recommend these museums for your next trip to D.C.!