The Need to Feel Green

September 30, 2009

Almost every company in the consumer products world, in both durable & non-durable goods, seeks some way to differentiate their brand or product from the sea of competing merchandise.

Recently, “being green” has been a key area of distinction and marketeers are at it full throttle. As can be expected, the truth is often stretched to fit the marketing department’s view of reality rather than the actual facts. “Greenwashing” is the result and it can only be checked by thoughtful consumers who are willing to ask questions and challenge label claims they believe to be suspect.

A recent study by TerraChoice Environmental Marketing outlines the 7 Sins of Greenwashing. It has been republished below.

Cresent Fine Furniture was one of the founding members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, but we are by no means a green leader. We’re doing all we can to be kind to the environment and developing sustainable business practices, which is smart business.

It’s natural to want to feel good about the products we make and sell. Let’s just try to tell the truth about what we offer, rather than greenwashing our way to market.